Monday, December 23, 2013

Aunt Mona's Christmas Party

After such fun at the Halloween Party, we were delighted to attend the Christmas festivities she had planned.

Marge brought some great crafts for the kids to make. The first was a book mark with lots of pretty stickers.

Evan and Gage
 They also drew numbers and got to pick from the prize table.

J picked two ornaments, I think because she thought they were candy. She seemed a little disappointed when she took them apart and found styrofoam. I still remember when Big Sis chose a rocking horse music box when we did the same thing as kids. Man, I wanted that thing.

They also decorated ice cream cones to look like Christmas trees. I'm pretty sure it was one spoonful frosting for the mouth, one for the tree. Same with the candy.

Then they had fun singing carols.

Then they had fun pretending to be old men with candy canes.

 It is so fun to see my kid having the same experiences I did with her great-great aunt. On a side note, how come my grandma's sister is my great aunt instead of my grand aunt?

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