Friday, December 13, 2013

More crochet fun

I missed a bday party for some first cousins once removed and wanted to make them a couple hats. This is a dino hat for K.

And this is the owl hat with rainbow yarn for M.

They are cuter than the impromptu picture turned out. I made a dino hat for J as well.

And my newest crochet piece de resistance is a Lala Loopsie character called Candy Broomsticks. I actually bought an etsy pattern because I was so impressed with these and this is the design yet another cousin once removed requested.

All the Lala Loopsies are slightly creepy looking, but this one in particular, when carried into an IHOP to meet your cousins at 9:00pm looks particularly odd.


jeanene c said...

You are so amazing. I love the photos of J. She is such a doll herself.

Katie said...

She is going to LOVE it! You are too amazing.


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