Monday, December 9, 2013

Sealings and Wings

So once upon a time my father-in-law challenged us to do some genealogy and take a family name to do temple ordinances. (Check out here for a quick run down on what that means. The family history and temple videos sum it up well). Ends up my Great Grandpa's third wife wanted to be found and through some small miracles, we were able to get all of her work done.  My cousin Matt had made a lot of progress on our line and we did a last minute meet up to do sealings. We invited some family to join us but since the invite was the day before it was just us.

 Then my sweet and pregnant sister-in-law had a craving for chicken wings and did a facebook shout out asking for the best place to find them.

(I told her to work the belly)
My amazing cousin said she had a friend that catered the best chicken wings ever. I said we should all meet up and do some sealings and then have a big chicken wing party afterwards. So Shane went to town and made the whole thing happen. She also was involuntarily bitten by the genealogy bug and made some big strides with our Creek Indian line. One great grandpa had written "roasting ear time" as a birthday. For reals. I can only hope it was ears of corn. 

 Matt dove in as well and they were able to have enough names prepared for us to do a special session with all of the available Maidennames

We're a good looking bunch!

Afterwards we had a big 'ol party hosted generously by Cheryl and Scott. Wings, pizza, tamales, ice cream sundaes, squeeze- its, pretty much paradise. My cousin Julie was kind enough to recruit friends to babysit the tons of posterity with her while we were at the temple. So many sacrifices were made by so many to make it happen and it was a truly beautiful experience.


jeanene c said...

So now I'm crying, and I don't know if it's cause you are all so breathtakingly beautiful, if it's cause I feel left out and jealous cause I didn't get to be there, or if I am just plain grateful to be part of this fabulous family for forever! I guess I have to go with D. All of the above!!!
Maybe we'll make it a new tradition???

shamers said...

I was just yesterday thinking that I need to document this experience. Thanks for the reminder of a truly great day. I need copies of those photos!

Alicia W said...

Amen to it all! Hearts of the children were truly turned to their fathers. Amazing family!

Katie said...

Lovely. Good for you all!

Donie said...

I'm crying too and I don't have any of the reasons Jeanene has.... Boo! Love you amazing people!


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