Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Portraits

Big Sis wanted some pretty pictures for her husband's Valentine so we hung a $5 tablecloth up and started snapping away. There are several, but remember my dear mum is living in Spain and the blog is her main source of pictures.

And the best shot of the day goes to this bit of sibling love.

We were trying to get an authentic smile when my cousin suggest E think of ring pops. What we got was a "thinking" pose.

Who wants the cupcake my sister is dangling over my head? You can see the eyes tracking it.

Not sure what was so funny, but I love this one.

 Such a stud at 2 months old.

Look! You can actually see a few pictures of me on my blog!

J decided my pants needed some adornment. It's a good thing she has never encountered a Bedazzler.

 Then the baby bump needed the stickers.

Then we had to take a 28 weeks shot.

And in case you needed a little more sweetness after all that...


Katie said...

Cute! Grandma's gonna love these:)

jeanene c said...

Both Grandma and Grandpa love those. Thank you soooooo much. They are just beautiful!!! I don't forget that you are having a baby but I do forget you are pregnant. So fun to see you are. You are so beautiful. The photos of Alicia are just gorgeous! I am so glad for the photos of Marcie and oh just all of them. I think I will try to print some of them. I need them in my purse. I love you all so much!

Elena said...

Uhhh, when did I become the ugly woman in the Castillo family? Seriously, you, Alicia and Marcie look like models. And tell Shane that her kids are awesome :)

jeanene c said...

Long live Grommett. We are trying to learn how toleave a comment with the internet service in the new apartment. Love Dad


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