Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Pancakes

I decided to get a little festive and try some heart pancakes I saw on pinterest. J just wanted to eat the batter.

I put some batter in a ziplock bag and added a bit of food coloring. So pretty!

Then they cooked and you couldn't see the heart at all so I tried just making heart shaped ones.

They turned out much prettier.

The aesthetics were completely overlooked as soon as she got her hands on the syrup bottle. Ah well.


Marilyn said...

Great idea. Looks delicious!

jeanene c said...

They always tell us that our kids will eat better if it is pretty. May be true but the older ones never seemed to notice. Remember heart shaped pizzas? I think it just helps a mom feel more creative. Your photo of heart cakes (hot cakes) is so artistic! You win!

Elena said...

So when she turns 12 or so are you going to make the female reproductive system in pancake batter? (Do you even remember what I'm talking about?)


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