Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Reception

Lil Sis in law got herself hitched back in October and I present to you some pictures, albeit poor ones since I was still setting up when the lighting was good. Ah well :)

These paper medallions are my new favorite decorating thing because they are faster than the tissue poms and have the same amount of pop.

We were going to do a big canopy of lights across the yard but every way I looked at doing it, it visual fought the big tree, so we decided to make that the focal point and it turned out marvelous.

The centerpieces were a cool idea via the internets. You take two nesting vases, place a candle in the center, and fill the space between the vases with colored water. It makes it look like the candle is burning under water. Unfortunately the inner vases kept floating up despite the marbles I placed in it. I ended up filling it with some wet sand for additional weight. The other centerpieces were the standard pillar candles on a cake plate. She didn't want mirrors so we did patterned scrapbook paper as an anchor. Also, if you want some added elegance without the mess and cost of chair covers, renting uniform white chairs makes a big difference. They usually go for about a $1 a chair, but scope out the rental place before you commit since some of them have chairs that look old and trashed. They look MUCH better than the beige folding ones you technically aren't supposed to remove from buildings.

And our wedding gift to them was the print. I found the frame for a steal at goodwill, with a yellow mat. Awesome.

We rented these lights along with the chairs to give more light to the backyard. They even have a little outlet on the bottom of them with was convenient. 

About now something demanded my attention so these are all the pictures I snapped. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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Jackijo said...

You did such a wonderful job! Thank you so much!


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