Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I have a small problem with craft supplies hoarding. I've loved to look down the school supplies and craft aisles of stores since I was a kid, just to look at them all. Now the problem is worse because I can actually buy things. One of the more recent purchases that I had no project in mind for, but simply wanted was elastic thread. I knew you used it for shirring (that gathered part stretchy part on sun dresses) but hadn't actually done it before.

It sat there in my sewing drawer for months until I needed a baby shower gift. I may have left way too little time to finish it that morning so I consulted internet tutorials prayed it would work the first time. In a rare sewing miracle, it did! Friends, it is so easy. You just wrap elastic thread by hand for the bobbin and leave regular thread on the top. Sew a straight line and repeat. Boom. I had no idea those little sun dresses were so simple. It's pretty much my new favorite thing in the world, besides looking at craft supplies, of course.

I can't decide if the flower in the center looks dumb. It's a hair clip so easy to remove. Thoughts? I've been doing too much crocheting lately so I have no idea if my aesthetic is off.


Marilyn said...

The flower looks cute, but it's good that it's removeable. I've been wanting to learn how todo shirring but my mom kept saying I needed a special sewing machine foot. Not I know it's doable without. Thanks!

jeanene c said...

Very cute. I am old so my feelings about the flowers are off, but I like it better on the dress.

Rod said...

Sorry, I hit send twice. By the way, that craft supply hoarding is a genetic problem.


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