Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween in Seattle

Every time I offered her a choice of wing styles, she chose neither. Then she found a cheap veil in the mass of wedding stuff and wore it around the house for an hour straight. On a whim I packed it in our Seattle bag. She only wore the wings for a few minutes so I offered her the veil.

It was no contest.

So we had our Hocus Pocus style Halloween, with fall leaves, cloudy sky, and sidewalks full of kids that simply doesn't compare to an AZ Halloween. Our child bride picked up on the whole concept of taking candy from strangers like a champ. I figured she would take a piece, sit down and eat it. Nope, she seized the opportunity for more candy and guarded her "purse" fiercely. And when someone said "Take one!" She looked at them seriously and took two pieces without breaking eye contact.

And if you don't understand why I'm wearing a pig nose, please watch Penelope. It is a fabulous movie.


jeanene c said...

You are both so adorable!

Lindsey Layton said...

Your hair!! It's so long and beautiful!!,


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