Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seattle Children's Museum

This is probably the best kids museum I've ever been to. And it didn't have any Sonoran desert theme. Crazy!

They did have a little ocean habitat to play in

Complete with rain jackets to keep you clothes from getting wet and to make you look like a pirate.


We went with some of Lil Sis' friends and played music together

There was also a really cool physics area with ping pong balls and air

There was also an aquarium that had J transfixed like zombie every time we passed it.

There was also over-sized produce to walk through, trucks to drive, and whales to eat you.

Then there was the piece de resistance for J, a mini grocery store complete with tiny metal shopping carts and fake food.

Note the fake food and toddler size check out counter.

 She loved it so much, she insisted on taking the shopping cart to the hardware store where she dressed up as a construction worker.

Seriously, we spent about four hours there, which is the equivalent to 3 days using the toddler time conversion system. I think it might have to make it a regular thing when we visit.

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Rod said...

Sounds like such fun. Wish I could have come too.


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