Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello again! And how to quilt a wedding cake

Remember that time when I was blogging? I was trying to figure out what happened because it's been pretty much a month since I posted regularly. Then I remembered I was prepping for my dear sis in law's wedding. Then I was busy doing nothing as a recovery. Then Halloween was upon us in all. Then I went to Seattle for a week. Boom! Too many pictures, not enough energy to go through them. 688 photos to be exact, most of which are terrible and need to be vetted. Then there are the handful that could be good with some editing. It the decision making that kills me.

I make no apologies. Just excuses. Mostly to myself.

So you get to relive my October in the month of November, starting with how my lovely mother did the cake. It is a fake cake with a real top layer. I am now the custodian of both a round and square fake cake should you or an acquaintance find yourself in need of a frugal option.

1) Watch a million videos on how to work with fondant. My mom is a champ these days and fits it over the styrofoam squares. Then she used a fondant rotary cutter attachment to make the dotted lines. She measured regular intervals and had and angle cut from cardboard to connect them. I know, the complicated part and I don't have any pictures. The crazy lady did it without me the photograph it.

 2) If the fondant is soft still, you can press the pearls into the line joints, ours had hardened already so we made up a batch of royal icing.

3) Picking up the pearls was a little tricky, but since they were beads a toothpick worked great to spear it and to position it without the holes showing.

Here is what the final product looked like, surrounded by the cheesecake bar. Unfortunately I was too busy prepping decor to get a picture when there was light. But you get the idea.


jeanene c said...

Your bow looks so good. I was glad to see that the top layer came out okay. I was worried about freezing it.

Alicia W said...

I'm glad you are blogging again! And you and Mom are amazing.

Merkley Jiating said...

That looks amazing!


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