Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mom hair

One time, when we were newlyweds, I told John I was thinking about chopping my hair short. He said, "Do it! Then pop out a couple of kids and you can be another Mormon stereotype!"

You can probably imagine my glare.

I didn't cut my hair.

Well for a few months at least until it was stringy, yucky long.

Now I know why so many a mommy cuts her hair short after having a kid. It's J's happy meal- a snack and a toy! Unfortunately, I am loving how my hair looks these days (thanks to regular haircuts from my awesome cousin. Hi Bree!)

Having exhausted the standard ponytail, I've been shaking it up with some inspiration from the interwebs and felt like sharing, since I like to think my audience is primarily of the mothering sort.

The low double bun has been a favorite, as well as the high "anime-fan-girl-looks-like-mouse-ears" buns.
Still loving the reflection clock

Ignore the double chin face and look at the reflection

I also saw the topknot look here and said to myself, "Yeah you are not cool enough for this ugly/cute look. And your fine hair will look silly like that, self." So I told myself, "Hey! I'm cool sometimes! I will wear bright red lipstick and "vintage" ugly awesome dresses someday!" So I tried it. Loved it! It makes it so you can't feel the weight of your hair at all!
Since J's flower assortment has exploded, I figure I might as well borrow

And my favorite part of these styles is how they treat my sometimes wavy hair. If I'm on my way to some sort of activity where I pretend I'm an adult instead of a punk rock princess, I just take out the elastic and muzz it around a bit and I look like I have actually done my hair. Red lights are incredibly useful for this transformation.

At least I'm not putting on mascara while driving right?


Jackijo said...

I think the double bun looks fantastic!

Angela said...

Hey, I've been rockin' the double-meatball-look since '99.
Thank you, Sailor Moon.

Bree Flake said...

First, I feel so cool that you mentioned me in your post ;) Second, I love the comment... "Hey! I'm cool sometimes! I will wear bright red lipstick and "vintage" ugly awesome dresses someday!"... haha love it! you are my fav!!

Elena said...

I think Sailor Moon had a rather large influence on G Angela :) We had quite a bit of that kind of stuff brought by various Japanese exchange students and I think that's why G not so secretly wants to be asian :) Sister with the flower you totally rock the top knot.


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