Saturday, July 9, 2011


I couldn't help but think about how much grass seed I could buy for the cost of this sod. It was $800, but I sold the extra for $100 so really $700. I figure that is a fair amount of seed and fertilizer. What I was really paying for was the magic. See?

Before weeding and grading

After my 2x4 grading and weed pulling

I like working in the dirt.

 Why yes, that is my magical grass carpet.

BOOM! I have a lawn!

I learned a few things in the process:

1) SO worth the money to hire a trencher. Look how pretty these trenches are! To rent a wimpy trencher at Home Depot was $120 per day. After calling around, a pretty standard price was $90 minimum for the first 100ft, then 30 cents/ft after. All of ours cost $160. For us, it was totally worth it to pay $40 to have someone finish it in 30 minutes flat. We used Copperstate trenching and I highly recommend him.

It's like we were attacked by very OCD gophers.

2) Trench the same day you put the sprinkler system in. We did the piping 3 days after and my dog and the hose had knocked tons of dirt into the trenches. There was a lot of time spent cleaning out the trenches that could have been saved. And even though we only had the electrical trenches 18in deep, we probably should have done all the trenches that deep.

3) This tip comes from my Aunt Val. An old steak knife does wonders cutting through sod. Serrated makes a difference.

4) The cheapest price I found was 28cent/ft for a midiron hybrid bermuda (Madre Dos the master gardener recommended it from her classes) at Brook's Turf in Queen Creek. The average price was about 32 cents. Hopefully my research will save you a little time.

5) If you are doing just a little area, look on craigslist. It wasn't feasible for our yard, but if you are doing just a couple hundred feet, it's probably your best bet.

6) Don't wear white underoos. They will never be the same.

7) Enlist great help

7) Water your trenches really well so you don't have any low spots. I let the sprinklers do it and missed one near the house. It is a spot waiting for some gravel so it's not a big deal, but it would have been if grass was going on it.

8) Place your dog under house arrest if she enjoys grazing like a cow. I let her out for 1 hr unsupervised during book club and she managed to lift of 3 different portions. I should have known better since she's been a grass connoisseur even as a pup. She'd go around taking small samples of various lawns in the neighborhood. And even though it is sweltering hot outside, that is where she'd rather be than inside with me and the babe. She bolts to the door every time she hears the word "outside."
I think she missed the golfers.


ACW said...

I don't even believe that is my baby. Is it possible I have a child that big? How is it faring now? Is it taking?

Marilyn said...

Wow! What a transformation! I have backyard jealousy.

Elena said...

I love your dirty face sister. And I LOVE Alicia's pants :D

Nikki said...

:) now people will stop stealing your dog from your yard.

MostlyFlumxd said...

You didn't mention needing a three-day nap after. Looks great!


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