Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I received a request from my dear family for a video of J crawling. I typically don't watch videos on blogs because they take 2 years to download. But if the notion hits you as you are trying to avoid doing some sort of work or productive endeavor, feel free to laugh at my really lame commentary and the way my voice is 2 notches lower whenever it's recorded. And I say stupid things. It's almost Pavlovian when I see a red blinking light.

Maybe next time I'll sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and convince you all I'm a tenor or bass. Until then, enjoy.

My first attempt I decided was too stupid, but shows more actual crawling and Big Sis liked better:

My second, which is slightly less stupid. Slightly:


Angela said...

Ah crap.
That means mine will be crawling soon too.

I mean,

Elena said...

That was so fun!!!! I can't wait to see your little miss crawling at my place. And I don't think you sounded dumb or at least not more than usually ;) Just kidding, I love you!!!

Elena said...

She really does pant like your dog! I had thought you were exaggerating. Don't worry it works for her :)

Mom said...

Hey this is Aunt B! What a cutie! I loved the video cause not only does it show how adorable and clever your girl is, but alos how adorable and clever her mom is. I love you!!


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