Saturday, July 2, 2011

Engineer Friends

 What do you get when 3 engineers get together?

I don't know. My witty punchline factory has failed me. But if you come up with something, leave it in a comment and you'll get a prize.

Our friends Angela (of my blog header fame) and Mike were in town visiting from Boston and scheduled a little meetup with some of the NAU engineer friends. We met at the splash pad at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills.

Dontcha love Angela's go-to picture pose face?

The little girl looks almost eerily like her dad.

See? No confusing her papa. And look, my kid smiled!

Yup, butterfly on his head

I was mega embarrassed because the sweet soul who was taking the picture couldn't figure out the whole SLR deal. That's how I ended up with the cool picture of the splashpad at the top. I was ready to forget the whole thing and just get a picture from my friends camera, but the lady really wanted to figure it out. So sorry engineer friends, thanks for being good sports.

Check out the butterfly on Mike's head


Angela said...

Answer: Three hot trophy wives and spawn.

And man, I am really, really, ridiculously good looking!

Lauren said...

Ah, the Fountain Hills Splash Park, I know it as well as my own backyard! Love that place, especially when it's closer to 90 instead of 120 and you can play at the park and feed the ducks.

Elena said...

I like Angela's punch line :)

but with my husband's friends -- more computers than people

Brittanie & Bryan said...

I am SOOOOO sad we missed out on the Engineering reunion! Those were some fun days!


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