Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bathroom redo

What's that you say? This was on the to do list for summer 2010? Why yes, you are correct! And much progress was achieved despite gallivanting across the country and growing a fetus. I like to say it was a project that was "evolving." Because I would never start a project and not work on it for 6 months. No list of projects like that exist in this house.

Let's just focus on the finished for a moment, shall we?

Now if you are way too cheap, afraid of commitment, lazy, or afraid of the curse that accompanies wallpaper, then I have an excellent idea for you. One that gives you free rein to buy the 300 piece Sharpie set at Costco you've been lusting over since you were about 13 and walk past every time you accompany a friend to the massive retailer, since you don't actually have a membership because you would spend waaaaay too much money an waaaay too big of quantities of things you have waaaaaay too little freezer space for. Or you can just make do with the black sharpie that faithfully labels your canned goods, because you honestly don't need 300 sharpies in every color of the rainbow. Just continue to promise yourself that you will one day indulge in the prismatic brain cell killing aroma once you write the next best selling young adult novel.

Then take your ruler and mark 1in sections on the top of the wall and the bottom.
Delight in the joy that comes with writing on the wall with a permanent marker as you connect the marks. Stop psychoanalyzing why you have no problem with the staying power of permanent marker and paint yet wallpaper and tile terrify you.
Hang the shower curtain you bought last April, in Denver of all places, that inspired the vision.

Paint one wall with the $1 can of oops paint you told yourself you'd find a use for, as you considered buying stock in Home Depot to help support your oops paint buying habit.

Ponder why apothecary jars make absolutely everything look better.
Take a 6 month break.

Buy a clock for the bathroom to keep baby-induced tardiness to an hour or less. Realize that reading a clock in a reflection hurts a sleep-deprived head. Try to order a counterclockwise clock and then google how to make one yourself. Watch a Youtube video as you take apart the clock and use GIMP to make a new clock face during baby's growth spurt inspired narcolepsy.
Then hang some positive affirmations that read in the mirror, because everyone needs some love when looking in a mirror. And something to mess with their head when doing their business.

In the mirror

looking at it dead on

Then blog about it.


Jackijo said...

I like that blue color. Is that an oops paint? Or does it have a name.

Lauren said...

Nothing is complete until it's blogged about. :)

ACW said...

I love your bathroom and that opps paint.


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