Tuesday, June 14, 2011


 I was watching my niece the other day and we decided to go for a little swim. Early morning walks and afternoon swims are how we reach the 2hrs outside goal in this heat. I realized while I was taking pictures (one-handed! most without looking!) that they had matching swimsuits. Double funny since J's is a hand-me-down. My sister has a definite style.

This shot was a total accident because she stood up in front of me

My kid loves the water. Well, she sits contently and doesn't cry. Even when I hold her in deep water or let her ears get wet.



Emily Z said...

She's a true Arizonan.

Katie said...

Such great pictures!

ACW said...

They really are fabulous. Thank you for making my daughter look so beautiful and fun!

Camille Elise said...

I actually really love the accidental photo. What camera were you using?

Elena said...

Jaela is not sure about Ellie holding her :) Did I ever send you the pictures from J's first swim lesson?


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