Friday, June 24, 2011

Felt flowers

I saw this tutorial for felt flowers on Not Martha and gave them a shot. They are slightly addictive and perfect to do while watching tv. If you don't mind getting little bits of felt all over your couch. I had extra petals so I put them together for the multicolored one.

I gave one to a friend for her birthday and it fit perfectly into the little round boxes I made. I have recently discovered what I consider big kid handi-snacks-creamy swiss and club crackers. It has given me a plethora of little round boxes just itching for a make-over.


Bree Flake said...

love love love love love!!! Seriously I need you to come decorate my house in your awesomeness. I usually dislike the felt flowers a great deal but these are the most freakin awesome felt flowers I have ever EVEr seen. You rock my world :)

Merkley Jiating said...

I love your blog header! So cute!

Those are the coolest felt flowers I have ever seen!

I agree that Edison does not look like a girl at all. I think he looks like an old man.

Matthew playing pro blows my mind too. Is John getting jealous that you went to Prom with him? :)


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