Wednesday, June 22, 2011

J's Grey and Yellow Nursery

I was doing so well with my 5 days a week posting but I slipped. It's a combination of factors really. One is grass. Not the kind for card-carrying glaucoma patients either, although both do make your time and money evaporate. I'm talking about the 28cents/foot, hybrid bermuda midiron variety. It's been my goal since we've moved into the house to get grass. But you can't put in sod until you have a sprinkler system. You can't put in the sprinkler system until you have your hardscape (i.e. retaining wall) done. You can't have that until the yard is graded. You can't do the grading until you know what you want your yard to look like. So 3 summers later I am getting grass. And an education in landscape architecture and manual labor. But this is all a post for another day when I'm sitting around watching my grass grow, because you better believe there will be before and after pictures.

The other major factor is the kiddo's 6 month check-up. My little peanut is good on length and head size, but she only gained 2oz in two months. Serious! So that means I watched a very skilled phlebotomist draw some blood from her teeny tiny vein today. And drove the 30minutes to the lab my doc recommended to get the pro's. Even though it's probably just the way my skinny mini's genetics are telling her to be, we're covering all our bases. Including the cystic fibrosis sweat test that is only performed at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Laaaaaaaaaaaaame! Meanwhile, my blogging time has been replaced with the olympic sport of solid foods every hour. Let me tell you, her triple salchow was just the beginning of her repertoire.

Ok enough excuses! Let's get to the nursery I finally "finished" ( "" means a room is never really finished) only 5.5 months after she was born. The good news is I'm no longer in denial about being pregnant. Only took my 6 months of not being pregnant. (and since people see the word pregnant and get excited, no, I'm not currently pregnant).

Behold the modern, delicately feminine, non-saccharine, nursery!


My mom made her the most beautiful quilt and crib bedding.


The paper crane mobile I made out of 3 chop sticks, some ribbon, fishing line, and a few seed beads. I used origami paper and vintage book pages (don't worry, the book was headed to the trash due to neglect before it was rescued for re-purposing.)  And the wipes box came with a yellow lid so I glued a little striped scrapbook paper to make it match.

 The rocker was the most expensive piece of furniture in the room. I wanted an upholstered one because I think they are prettier, more comfortable, and can work in other rooms. The only problem is that all rockers and gliders are made for short women and don't have the next support. However, there is a very nice specialty store in Chandler called Rocker World that sells only rockers and curio cabinets. I just use a pillow instead of a boppy because folding it worked better since I'm so tall and J was so small. And the chair was totally worth my entire baby budget. Oh and the crib was $150 online

 The squares on the wall are hand prints and foot prints. I make one each month (hopefully for the 1st year) and I'm currently searching for the perfect frame. I want 2 that hold 12 a piece if you want to help me search. The curtains were black and white at target for $20 and I took a yellow fabric pen and colored some of the flowers. The little table I refinished in this post.

 While I really like the wooden letters on the wall, I thought this would be a cool modern take on it. I made it in powerpoint and had it printed 20"x30" at walgreens. It was somewhat of a pain to get the spacing done right, but I'm happy how it turned out. Shout out to my pops for helping me with the mat board.

We had the Ikea bookshelf and dresser already and my mommy painted them white for me while we toured the hospital. The awesome plaque was made by my brother and sister-in-law and I adore it. The top shelf is where the paper craft I kept in my classroom found a new home.

The dress is the one both me and J were blessed in. I found the cute little cup at an antique store and since J wouldn't keep any of the shoes on, I figured I might as well find another way to enjoy them. And the 4 generation picture fit perfectly.

Now if only I had a fancy flash and wide angle lens, I'd submit it to Ohdeedoh.


Jackijo said...

So creative! Keep us up on Jaela's progress.

ACW said...

It looks perfect! What a great sense of style you have. :)


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