Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Biggest Fly I've Ever Killed

I expect giant cockroaches in Arizona. It's a given, along with cactus and scorpions. Sort of iconic, like seashells on the beach.

Now giant flies, I thought they were reserved for Texas or places that have some degree of humidity.

I'm sitting on the john with no where to run, when I hear a thundering bzzzzzz, louder than a standard bee bzzz. Then out of no where I see this giant black flying object. My first thought was of a carpenter bee, but it was too small for that.

After the kamikaze flight path toward my head, it settle on the counter top near me. I smashed it with the requisite bathroom reading material, then did what any reasonable person would do when faced with an above average abnormality in the commode.

I got my camera.


Lauren said...

Okay I just had a 5 minute debate with Aaron whether the expression, "You have no shame" is appropriate to use here or not. I was going to say, "You have no shame, and I LOVE it." But then I was afraid that might sound offensive... and now I'm rambling, but the point is - you are funny. And this is funny. And I have laughed about it all day. And there is a fly in my house and I've wondered all day about how it compares in size to your fly.

jeanene c said...

Flee Fly. Just got back from Camp and the song came to mind. Looks like a horse fly to me. Have you been horsing around?


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