Monday, May 9, 2011


My friend made me an awesome wrap for carrying baby and I adored it. Much better than the baby bjorn (it always felt off balanced) and the shoulder sling (pulled on one shoulder and was hard to get J in and out of around my giant boobs, although I think it was a little too small). This wrap was nice and comfy because I could put the straps across my entire shoulders and baby felt nice and snug without feeling like she would fall out.

That is, until I put the wrap in the dryer in an unthinking moment.


Now it has shrunk to an uncomfortable size. Fortunately, Target had the brand name one it was based on for $20 in a repackaged sale bag so I bought it. I adore it. It has a little more weight to the fabric and still breathes. It took a little bit of practice getting the wrapping down and getting J into it so I only use it for extended hands-free needs. It also is not enjoyable in Arizona heat, but since I'm not enjoyable in Arizona heat either, we stay indoors. It is my favorite way to take J shopping around the mall. She will fall asleep in it and be happy as a clam.

Which she did during our fair weather inspired walk this morning. She looked absolutely adorable sucking her thumb and napping, but I couldn't capture it before the shutter woke her up. I will say that these one-handed pics turned out pretty sweet though.

loves her thumb

I'm so happy she didn't get my eyes. But since John's are distinctively green, these must be grandmas'

Nun's habit or Burka?

So if you want to spend the money on the fancy one for a bit nicer quality, go for it. I recommend trying a friend's, see if you like it, and buy it if you plan on having a couple of kids. If you want to make one out of 8 yds of fabric, it can still turn out awesome. Although with the cost of fabric these days, you may be better off buying one used or saving those 40% off coupons. If it was my last kid, I'd probably just make do without. But for me and J, the Moby rules.


Erin said...

I hardly used a career for my first kid but with the twins it was essential to be able to accomplish anything without someone crying. Kids really do like being close to mom. My friend gave me the 8 yards of fabric one but I never got around to trying it. I have a baby hawk and I love it. Only takes a couple of minutes to wrap and super adjustable since the other ones are so big on me. You can wear them on your back too when they get bigger. But expensive like all nice baby carriers!

Jackijo said...

You are right. Those pictures are adorable!


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