Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Grind

I had a pizza recipe that called for whole wheat flour so I decided to break out my bucket oh wheat and make some.

Now I had two options for this little adventure.

Option 1: The hand grinder

Option 2: The king of all blenders, the Blendtec.

Here is the hand ground flour.
 Here is the Blendtec flour.

Compare (the blender is on the left).
Yeah, not much different to me either. The handmill has the added bonus of being ready and able for the zombie apocalypse but the Blendtec is much cleaner and easier. However they both make excellent pizza


jeanene c said...

Haa Haa. Whole wheat pizza!!! Mom wins again. Do you remember moaning when I put whole wheat flour in everything. I think yours look much better. I am glad that my kids are becoming such good cooks. I may invite myself over for dinner.

Lance and Kimberlee said...

I'm jealous, when we lived in AZ we had access to my mom's super high powered grinder (I fondly refer to it as the helicopter since it sounded exactly like one) and now I've got nothing. I've been missing fresh ground wheat flour, store bought isn't the same. The pizza's look great.
P.S. So glad you rediscovered my blog which enabled me to rediscover yours!


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