Monday, May 30, 2011

Def: Exersaucer

Def: Exersaucer

1. A freestanding, garish devise, used to barter more time for eating, peeing, blogging, and various activities best accomplished without infant help.

This is me during my first walker experience.

Since walkers have been banned by my doc (apparently kids get hurt in them a bunch, mostly by finding stairs), here is J's her first encounter with the exersaucer.

 Hope this adds a little happy to your weekend!


Jackijo said...

I love the smile in the first picture!

jeanene c said...

It certainly does add a lot of happy to my week. I remember that first little girl. What dolls they both are. I think that first smile wins in the most enthusiastic category.

Katie said...

Hehehe! Funny that you both had the same reaction!


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