Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Semi-Annual

My friend Angela has a little project going that I wanted to support. These are scenes from our Conference breakfast festivities. They are the most unflattering pictures of the Maiden names but they make me laugh so why not?

Looks gross, but it is berry stuffed french toast. Delicious.

My mom makes amazing biscuits. And she even used white flour at her children's request. Did you know that I never had a white flour waffle until I was about 16?

Brother: "You do realize you are taking a picture of an empty plate right?"

The newest Maiden name. She's a month younger than Baby J, and she just melts my heart

Spending conference the same way as her uncle.


Angela said...

I've decided I'm coming to your house next conference. The empty plate and satisfied-looking fork convinced me. Start making room!

Thanks for contributing! :)

MCS said...

Wait, so you mean that all those waffles I consumed over the years were WHOLE WHEAT?!?!

Katie said...

Love all those pictures! Did you guys hear any of conference with all those kids and fun people to talk to?

Elena said...

Katie we heard the spirit through the love of family does that count? I like how still preggers sister in law strategically placed herself behind the bamboo :)

Camille Elise said...

Did I ever tell you I always see your dad at the gym?? It's so funny to me, cuz he is so in the zone he never sees me. Yes. I'm a gym stalker. Ha ha. Your dad is awesome...and so are you P.S. :)


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