Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#4 Is Keith going to play?

In the Maidename's house growing up, tv and the radio were not used on the Sabbath. I like this practice as an adult, but it was quite trying as a child. The exceptions were Superbowl Sunday and any church videos. And this was not the days of LDS comedies like "The Singles Ward" and classics such as "Beauty and the Beast: A Latter Day Tale."

No, these were true cinematic masterpieces, mostly from "The Worth of Souls" video. Frequent repetitions have led to a few immortal quotes.Perhaps you recognize

"Uncle Ben you smell bad."
"Lithy, Lithy, are you home?"
"Mahanna you ugly, get down from that tree."

Eventually, even these movies lost their appeal and we were forced to actually spend time with each other and use our creativity and imaginations. Usually around 6pm or so, one of us had completely exhausted our individual sources of entertainment and tried to rouse the others to play a game. There was one major factor in participation. Almost every sibling would ask, "Is Keith going to play?" or "I'll play if Keith plays." Such is the allure of time with the oldest brother.

Last Friday I encountered the exact same issue. I invited Keith to come to the arboretum with me to give a morning to his recently gravid wife and new baby. And since Keith was playing, everyone else wanted to play too.

She's just teething on it. I think.

This is one of those thinking rock maze things. It's awesome.

The dadda bear

And I'm going again on Saturday. That makes it the...6th time this month? :)


Lindsey Layton said...

Oh! We used to watch "The Mailbox" so sad...

And that place looks beautiful!

ACW said...

I love that place! Thanks for posting some beautiful pictures of my daughter. She does have other side besides the PLEEeEeEeEse side.


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