Monday, April 11, 2011

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

In sophomore English we had a unit on Thoreau and Walt Whitman. I remember three things.

1)Mrs. Johnston kicked me out of class in a moment immortalized in the memory of AA English students that year. She just had it in for Ayin and I was a harmless bystander. I was innocent I tell you, innocent! Ok I was talking a little. But it would have been rude to ignore Ayin. She was my supplier of flaming hot cheetos.
2) Mrs. Johnston (or her English teacher friend) had a student who found a 1st edition copy of Leaves of Grass. Not knowing what it was or what it was worth, he hollowed out the pages and stored pot in it. At least he understood the literary term of irony.
3) There is some unexplainable power to being in nature and that's why they dump delinquent teens in the desert.

I've never really been into the botany aspect of biology. My philosophy is that something is only cool if it can eat something. Mammals, humans, parasitic worms- all interesting. Plants-boring. Carnivorous plants-awesome. So I was surprised to find myself in love with the arboretum. Boyce Thompson is nestled up by Superior, about 30 minutes from my house. Considering I spent 20 driving to work I figured it's pretty close. And since my mom and her friends from France (whom she met in Antartica, awesome right?) and my madre dos all wanted to go, I just bought the year pass.

It's got hiking trails, a whole acre on things you can do in your own backyard, a little lake, TONS of little areas to sit and read, greenhouses, a trail of healing plants, and even more. I think I may be going once a week. And I get a friend and all kids under 5 in for free, and a discount for anyone else so let me know if you need a little adventure.

outside is the only consistent place she is happy

Growing on the pergala

I have dreams of my front yard looking like this

where I spent an hour reading after baby fell asleep
Those pictures are from the next day because I left my phone. My sister thought I was playing a prank.

Nasaly voice: Hello
Sister: Hello
Nasaly voice: Hello?
Sister: Hello?
Nasaly voice: Boyce Thompson Arbotetum
Sister: What?
Nasaly Voice: Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Sister: Oh, I'd like to make a reservation for 2 then
Nasaly voice: No! Whoever you are trying to call left there phone at Boyce Thompson Arboretum


Jackijo said...

Plants really do have a great story to tell. You might like a book called "Wicked Plants" by Amy Stewart. I have a signed copy if you want to borrow it. Take it with you next time you are at BTA.

ACW said...

I can't tell you how funny it was when that lady answered your phone. I'm laughing remembering!

Lindsey said...

At least there's somewhere she's happy, right? And I think you've got me beat on how many memories you've got from that class. All I remember it that I sat on the south side of the room and Camille and I drew some really funny pictures in class to pass the time. That and Hester Prynne...

shamers said...

we totally want to go with you. sorry we couldn't go last week but it was adoption playgroup or, as emma calls it, "brown friends park day."

let's go before it's too hot? e's in school tues and thurs but otherwise we should be able to rock with you.


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