Friday, April 22, 2011

#3 Baby Maiden name

So much for all of us for sure thinking it was a boy. Marcie Maidename decided not to find out the gender and all of us were wrong. Proof that the good Lord hears the prayers of 5 year old big sisters.

So random fact #3 of the tag, my niece weighed the EXACT same 6lbs 15oz as J. But she is 19in to J's original 18.

Isn't she precious?

The mama and baby are both healthy. Marcie always looks like a rockstar during and after delivery so you'd never guess that she'd just had a baby. Even though baby decided to take her sweet time dropping into position. Around 10pm someone finally convinced her that she really didn't want to deal with all of the adolescent teasing of being born on 4/20 so after around 15hrs of labor, she skedaddled on out in 2 quick pushes. Definitely a Maidename.

P.S. Since google doesn't search words on pictures, I photoshop the names on the pic, but don't write the name in the text. In case you wondered why I use the pseudonyms but still post the names. And I asked permission of the proud mama and papa.

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