Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#2 Deodorant

Random fact #2 from my sister's tag

I don't wear deodorant.

Gross eh? I have tried like every deodorant on the planet. They all work for about a month and then *boom* doesn't work any more. I have done Tom's Natural, Adidas cotton technology, everything with clinical in the name, generics, all of it. When I tried Certain Dry in all of it's chemical glory, I thought night application antiperspirant  had changed my life. And it did. For about year. Then it made me sweat even more.

Now it may have been a product of my granola Flagstaff surroundings, but I stopped wearing it all together. After about 3 days, I realized I really wasn't sweating much at all. Less than when I wore deodorant actually. But since there was a teeny bit of odor, I put a little essential oil on and life was good. No one could tell I never wore deodorant. That has been the case for a couple of years, with occasional relapses that always confirmed that commercial deodorant was not for me. I should say antiperspirant. Unlike the never fail Old Spice that all of my dry male acquaintances use, they do not make a plain deodorant without antiperspirant for women.  Then I ran across a recipe for homemade deodorant that I thought was worth a try. But it called for arrowroot powder and I could never find it at the grocery store.

Then while I was perusing the hippie section of Bashas' last week, right next to the coconut oil I was seeking lay the arrowroot powder. I bought it and added a new skill to my "home art" genre. So far, I am a fan. I gave some samples to my sisters who have my same diaphoretic problem. The next day Big Sis called me and said I should market the stuff. So I'm sharing it with the masses in case there are others who share my odoriferous tendencies.

The ingredients. My arrowroot was $3.50 and I used Sweet Orange essential oil from Sprouts. The coconut oil was about $6 and also found in the natural foods section. I used an old Olay lotion tub to store it.

 What? Your deodorant doesn't have babies in it? Um, where do you think baby oil comes from?

Lest you think I am a perfectly neat and cleanly person, here is the kitchen. Wait, now that I confessed I haven't really worn deodorant in a year, I doubt any of you thought that.

The recipe I used is here. I blatantly stole the ingredient picture idea. With the gratuitous baby picture added of course. Also, you may want to refrigerate it for a few hours if you live in this burning pit that is Arizona and keep your AC as high as ours. But I keep mine in the bathroom all the same. You can also pour it into an empty deodorant container if you have one.

And just in case Rachel and Ross are having a huge relationship defining moment and we are all stuck in the bathroom starving, this is totally and completely edible.

Please tell me someone got that reference. Please?


Lauren said...

They were on a break!!

This is awesome. I plan on giving it a try.

And I am so enjoying these posts. Look forward to the rest of them!!

Angela said...

Got it!

amber said...

sounds like fun! and I totally got the joke :)

Jackijo said...

Love it and got it!


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