Thursday, August 19, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #20

Students are really fun to mess with

Student: Mrs. Anderson, when are you going to have your baby?

Me: You think I look pregnant? (Incredulous look)

*everyone alternates looks at the girl with looks at my tummy*

Student: (unsure now) um, well, Mr. Simon said you were.

Me: Mr. Simon thinks I'm pregnant??!

Students: um..

Me: Mr. Simon's right. December :)

*chaotic eruption on talking*

*chaotic suggestions of future names*

*chaotic questions on if they'll have a sub*

*chaotic confession that everyone's been talking about it for days, but no one wanted to ask*

*Swearing to secrecy so I can mess with my other hours and have even more fun*

P.S. It's a little lady :)


Michele said...

Congratulations! I have yet to have a little girl. Kids are so much fun (hard work) but totally worth it!

Erin said...

Way to mess with them... I miss the power that comes with being the teacher. I guessed girl! You are going to be such a fun mom!

amattiee said...

congratulations geneva! that is SO exciting! you are going to be the CUTEST prego ever! let me know if you need anything!

Katie said...

You are such a fun teacher! I just love all your stories:) Congratulations on the little girl; a girl is one of the two best options:)!

Liz and Navin said...

Haha! That is great! You sound like such a great teacher! Congrats on the little girl. That is very exciting!

RatalieNose said...


Joseph and Lianna Quillen said...

a girl! Yay! *chaotic noises of joy* hehe congrats!

ACW said...

So they know! YAY! Way to make it fun. I expect more cute stories.

Elena said...

Ultimate POWER!!!!!!!!!! I really think that you enjoy teaching just because you like the power trip :) And I can't wait to see baby in her cute cardigan!


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