Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Probably offensive

I'm going to diverge from my standard humorous school anecdotes for the moment. Beware, my musings have taken a political turn.

Don't worry, it's non-confrontational, but I understand if you don't want to read. We can still be friends and we'll be back to regularly scheduled programming in the next post. Curious? Keep going.

First, how many of you feel the media often misreports information or reports with a bias?

(Wow! Look at all the hands raised!)

Second, how many of you are unhappy with the government in some way?

(Look, still lots of hands!)

Now, where do the majority of people get their information about the government?

Oh. The media. Right.
Please refer to question number one.

Now don't get me wrong, I love our free speech and how it is our lovely right to B and M about the government whenever and however we please. I'm completely ok with anyone saying how terrible the whatever is and the something is going to ruin the country and how what's his face is the devil incarnate. I often agree, but PEOPLE! please keep in mind that our method of getting information is inherently flawed. Excessive angry emotion tends to forget that most of the information we receive is not primary evidence. I have a hard time making any absolute judgments on parts of the process I do not have direct access to.

Now despite what I just said, angry political opinions don't bother me too much because, hey everyone can have their opinion. Even if I think it is silly on how much people base their emotions on flawed information. My real issue here is civic duty. Today was the AZ state primaries.

If you want the right to complain, you need to vote first.

"But my vote doesn't even matter." Yeah, but if you really think that way, you should also say your heated opinion doesn't matter either. Therefore you should keep your opinion to yourself, like your vote.

"But all the politicians are corrupt so I don't vote for any." Well you have two choices, vote for the lesser evil and try and do some good, or run for some office yourself.

"I don't have time to research the issues so it's better if I just don't vote." I could buy that argument, but if you don't have time to learn about the issues, how do you even form an opinion about them in the first place? Choose one issue or political office you care about and learn about that one, even with the flawed info we have access too. Better than nothing.

"I can't make it to the polling place." Early ballot, yo. They are awesome. And it gives you around three weeks to procrastinate. Plus they mail you the sticker too. And honestly, with all of my high and mighty ideals, the sticker really helps motivate me.

So people, go vote.
Secure your right to complain.
Don't like how things are going? Use one of your few ways to do something about it.


Angela said...

Two thumbs way, way up!

ACW said...

Hahaha. We are on the same page, sis. Nobody votes. I almost text you everyone I voted for since you didn't want to read up on the candidates, but I didn't. Love you!

Jackijo said...

As Grandma Anderson says "Sometimes you just have to hold your nose when you vote. But you still have to vote."

jeanene said...

You express it perfectly!!! I have always said that Americans are silly. They feel the Gov is inept and yet they have the paranoia that 'Big brother' knows all and sees all and will use their private info in nefarious ways. Can't have it both ways. Personally 'the media' makes a much better 'Big Brother'. All knowing, omnipresent, and manipulative, owned by a small group of powerful people. Yup. Still the voters have the power!


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