Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summer time, the clean version (with a little nudity)

Where were we?

Oh yes, chronicling the days of my spent summer. I'm not sure this is particularly good for my psyche considering I returned back to work today. I'm not really one to mourn the past, more of a look to the future kind of girl.


Well I'd like to be that girl. Someday. Like when I can look into the past and remember what a joy and treasure it was to return to work, enlightening minds, changing the world one perfect student at a time. *sigh* It is just heart warming.


Since today is not that day, we will dive into the nostalgic past that was my awesome summer.

So after the awesome camping on the beach, mooching off everyone else's well-planned and thought out food and camping gear, I returned home to my dear husband. Did I mention I went all these adventures sans mi amour? By this time I really missed him, although the highlight of Cali was sitting on the beach, in my chair, with nothing but my book and the breeze. (I think I may be a closet loner.) (Oh and I had a swim suit. Lest you all think I'm a closet nudist too. But if you are naked when no one else is around, are you still considered a nudist? Wouldn't that make almost everyone a nudist? These are the thoughts that plague me. When I'm alone and nude in a closet.)

(Parts of me wonder if people are actually catching the humor when I write things like that or if they think it's truth. Like those students who honestly believe I'm 45. Or the ones that contrary to logic believed me when I said "I hate kids.")

Anyways. Get home, hug hug kiss kiss sleep sleep clean clean. This is what Maiden Names do in the summer time. We clean. Forget spring cleaning, that's for people who still have to wear a light jacket in March and April. Summer is the time when you have your brood of children as forced labor.

And since forced labor sounds more like something I'll do in December, I did my cleaning solo. For those thinking that cleaning the house should take maybe a day or two, let the enumeration of projects begin.

I hand scrubbed my tile (#25 on the list) I cleaned and cleaned out the fridge (#27) I washed my cabinets (#29) I even put dishware in those cupboards the day they were cleaned, instead of waiting to empty the dishwasher until I had no more cereal bowls left. I was on such a roll that I washed, dried, folded, and put away laundry IN THE SAME DAY! REGULARLY! Oh the luxuries of a teacher's summer!

I rented a machine and cleaned my carpets (#15). Which involved moving all that furniture By My Self. (This is what greeted the missionaries when they came over for dinner that night. I felt no shame in having my guests move the furniture back for me. Oh, and I did my sisters while I had the machine so split the cost.)
I also recaulked the bathtub (#28) All of the products shown were FREE! Thank you bzzagent. P.S. I like the Dove conditioner better than the Aveeno, and I had me some mighty brand loyalty to the colloidal oatmeal company)

I organized/cleaned my studio (#26) Notice the teacup collection is now complete. I shot my dog after she peed on my clean carpet (#21). Well, technically I had someone else do it, to comply with local vaccination requirements. But it really was after she peed on my newly cleaned carpets.

And I had my giant messy mesquite trimmed and ripped out the small one that routinely littered on the neighbors yard. But since I paid to have it done (didn't fancy going on top of my roof to trim the tree even if I had the tools) I felt I shouldn't post a picture.

Actually it's because it would require going outside to take the picture and that means I'd have to put on enough clothes to be presentable.

Unless, of course, I want to make those nudist rumors a reality :)


Erin said...

-I love the little note under "Leave your comment" comments are totally the reason I blog. I live for the comments...
-Anyway... thanks for the good laugh, I always enjoy your sense of humor. I totally always had a list in the summer too when I was a teacher. Now I have- "To Do list before I have the next kid" lists that involve almost the same things. I clean like a madwoman when I'm pregnant.
One question- what "forced labor" are you referring to in Dec... sounds like you're hinting at something. ;-)

Jackijo said...

Forced labor in December. Sounds like the name of a singing group. Or a union of OB Nurses who don't get to take Christmas off this year. Perhaps they will be attending to some special person that we all know.

jeanene said...

Being comfortable in Aug in Az means a minimum of clothing. Also, You've been to Europe! Twice! Think of the ART. Anyway, My kitchen cupboards are almost half done (clean)and the pantry is finished. That's how I figure out what I'm out of. HOw did you clean your area rug? I loved the craft day. Maybe we'll nmake it a regular thing???

ACW said...

Bleck- you childless women. I didn't clean my cupboards(and I didn't even put it on the list- I knew I wasn't going to do it. I was going to read). In fact, almost every nap, I just read. That's a summer! But I guess I could post all the books I read. Anyway, thank you for cleaning My carpet! You got the ball rolling on 3 projects. That's why you're my sister. You give me momentum. And I agree with Mom. Quarterly craft days at Geneva's.


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