Sunday, January 10, 2010

The biggest scam at the grocery store.

As many of you know, I'm a part time hippie. I was worse when I was in Flagstaff. I think it must be the decreased oxygen intake combined with the lack of smog. And the gorgeous scenery makes you want to hugs trees. And go hiking. And make the world a better place. And live there forever and ever.

However, the view isn't as pretty from a cardboard box and that's what we'd probably be living in.

Anyways, all that ramble is coming down to the fact that I don't buy red meat. Got in the habit in Flagstaff and it has stuck. Although John has now forbidden me from buying any more turkey dogs and has decreed that Hebrew National is worth every penny. I happen to agree because after three years of turkey dogs, there really is no taste comparison. (Do I still get hippie points for Kosher at least?) We still eat red meat at restaurants, with family, and when John does the grocery shopping without me. Or when he slid the roast into the basket without me noticing.

Most meals are easily made using ground turkey or chicken. Normally I just buy the turkey sausage because HOLY COW HAVE YOU SEEN HOW EXPENSIVE GROUND TURKEY or CHICKEN IS?!!! I'm not paying quadruple (QUADRUPLE!) the cost of ground beef, even if it has a superior protein to fat ratio, less cholesterol, and no grease to decant.

My friends, ground turkey and chicken is a scam.

And I have found an easy substitute.

Take the boneless skinless chicken and grind it.

Life changing no?

I always thought the deli section had the capability but have been too chicken (ha! I'm so funny) to ask. I still haven't it done it. Mostly because Fresh and Easy has made its way into my heart with their simplicity and $1.67/ pound chicken, despite their lack of delicatessen.

So when I craved meatballs this sabbath, I threw my chicken into the Holy Grail of Blenders.
Voila! Ground Chicken. Now it isn't in the little tubey shape, but if I had a pasta maker or playdoh accessory, that could easily be resolved.

Jenny-o will never jip me again. Butterball will no longer burglarize my wallet. (insert third brand of chicken and alliterative verb)

I am liberated.


Jackijo said...

They won't grind Chicken for you in the grocery store. At least the one time I asked they wouldn't do it for me.

The turkey you had for Thanksgiving was a free range turkey.

I get as many eggs as I can from my friend who raises her own chickens.

I only buy 100% grass finished red meat from a farmer I have met. I have noticed it seems to have less fat that the kind sold in the store that comes from animals raised in a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). Do I get hippy points?

Good for you for being mindful of what you eat.

jeanene said...

I have seen cheap ground turkey in Frys but i'm sure they add lots of fat. If you want a coarser texture there are meat grinders that attach to the kitchen aid. Also, I think I have uploaded the Antarctica photos. If you want to see try

jeanene said...

Oops make that

Anonymous said...

You're free you're free!
Um can I just tell you that you crack me up?
"Cammie is hanging out in Ed's car? Watch out, behavior like that is how getting knocked up happens. We can't have little megapixel babies running around." That MADE.MY.DAY.
so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shamers said...

foster farms/finagle? I don't know, I can't think of an f word for stealing and i'm not about to thesaurus that right now. i'm supposed to be packing.

anyway, i buy ground turkey packs at costco -- $14 for 6.5 pounds, divided among four pillow-packs. am i a sucker?

Camille said...



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