Friday, January 15, 2010


My parents are kinda awesome. Like go to Antartica awesome.

On a tiny plane with two other french ladies

And touched a crazy sign made of whale backbone.
They rode a zodiak through freezing cold water to see freezing cold glaciers

And saw sea lions.
And saw a pretty little church (the only church) on the continent.
And took the very expensive picture (the bandana has been on 6 continents now)
And saw lots of penguins that make annoying honking noises and projectile vomit and projectile poop six feet.
And saw a sweet parent penguin.

Of course they had to spend some time checking out the beauty of Chile. Puerto Varas I believe.
And this never ending city is Santiago (again, I believe)

And thawed on the beach in Vina del Mar

Pretty Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Dude your parents are legit!
I'm so stoked that your mom is my sub for anatomy!
She's the greatest! I hope she decides to stick it out till our teacher gets back.

Jackijo said...

Wow! Thanks for posting those pictures. They are great.

Lindsey Layton said...

No joke, it is on my list of life goals to go to Antartica! That is amazing!

Katie said...


afton said...

antarctica is so intriguing to me! i mean, how do you even go about planning a trip there?? i'm beyond jealous (as i'm sure you are too) :)

shamers said...

thanks for posting your parents' photos. those are awesome and spectacular and i'm jealous.


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