Sunday, January 31, 2010

Muffin Madness

I finally finished Angela's prize from the last giveaway. And it sat on my counter for an additional two weeks before I got it in an envelope to mail. Then it sat in the car week until I got it to a post office.

Then I had to wait another week until she received it so I could blog about it.

Angela requested a book with some felt food as something she'd like, so I found a children's book that made me think of her. Her husband Mike is affectionately referred to as the moose so it seemed fitting.

Those are my attempt at felt muffin making. The internet was disappointingly unhelpful with this endeavor. There are six thousand felt cupcake ideas, but nothing definitively muffinish. There was at least one failed attempt, but I'm somewhat satisfied with the results. Hopefully Angela is too.


Michele said...

Love this book! Good choice.

Angela said...

Heck yes, I DO!

shamers said...

cute! we got that book at the library last time and emma refuses to take it back. :)

Anonymous said...

Geneva, if you were anymore legit, you'd be dead.


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