Sunday, June 4, 2017

The rest of April after Easter

Ends up Husband travels for work about once a month. I decided to put on my big girl pants and take the kids to fundraiser night at Teddy's big burgers. It was a little nutty, but half of the kindergarten class was there so I had backup. 

M started Jr Ninja Warrior so he can go to a class during J's gymnastics class. He loves it. J loves it. My wallet hates it. I sure like watching them do it though.

J's homework made me laugh. Not appropriate for middle school.

I also took all the kids to art night at her elementary school. I thought her picture was particularly awesome, but I'm definitely biased.

Here is some of the others for comparison.

We finally had a beautiful sunny day! The boys and I went to a new park to enjoy it.

I've been doing some calligraphy challenges with my brush pens. This prompt was repetition and wrapping paper.

J found the bunny straws and donned the bunny ears.

J and I went on a girl date to Target and got a unicorn frappicino. She used her own money to buy a bird that records and plays what you say to it. It's really fun to do a fake scream into it and hear it parrot back "AHHHH" in a higher pitch.

She was invited to a bday party at the American Girl cafe. She wore the same outfit as her doll but was disappointed when they wouldn't pierce her doll's ears since it is a Target one, not the $80 American Girl one. Buuuuuut she was all smiles when I was able to do it with a cheap pair from Forever 21 and still have money left over for her bird toy. Money and value lesson learned :)

I made a hipster baby beard hat for Husband's coworker.

 Sara and her sister Kristine came up for a visit and we had a blast. I always wanted to eat at a seafood place with a bib and mallets. Achievement unlocked!

We also hit up Pike Place because you just have to!

 We also toured Theo chocolate factory and visited the bridge troll.

We stayed up waaaaay too late talking every night but it was seriously SO much fun to have them visit.

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