Thursday, April 20, 2017


 I've decided I really enjoy Easter celebrations. I can go all out with decor and tablescape and there is no expectations like with Christmas. Christ's resurrection is such a beautiful and joyful reason to celebrate.

And I like matching outfits. This was unfortunately the best picture we could get. It's under the magnolia tree/bush because I just found out what that plant is. I've only ever read about magnolia tree, never actually seen one. This is a royal star magnolia, not the breathtaking pink bloom kind, but still lovely.

I made a little Easter tree centerpiece with the blooms. 

Most of the cinnamon roll bunnies looks like mickey mouse, but this one was distinctly rabbit.

J got little high heels and was sad her elementary school had a no high heels rule. The shopkins person was a huge hit as well as the Marshall and petkins.

Oh and we also dyed 4 dozen eggs because Winco is amazing and I wanted monogramed eggs at each place setting. Like many of my plans, that didn't work out because my cousin Josh was stuck in CA with a sick while and didn't make it back on time. We invited another family in my ward and it was still delightful. And the kids had a blast coloring the eggs so we had plenty extra. All my kids love eating them too, even if peeling them is a little too tricky.

M3 ate 4 and a full cup of yogurt for lunch. Crazy kid.

Originally it was supposed to be an adorable baby in a basket of Easter eggs. But as you can imagine, a crawling baby wants nothing to do with being in a basket. Here are some of the outtakes.

Making a mess of plastic Easter eggs, not that is something he was interested in.

Yep, the ears didn't stay on long. J was a champ and kept putting them back on him for me and jumping out of the shot. She'll be a great 2nd photog someday.

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jeanene c said...

I dyed some raw eggs just to use the dye. We may be related. Your artistic side really shows to advantage in these photos. I think I liked the outtakes at least as well as the baby in a basket. Your family is just too cute, and I think the 'real life' photos are actually more beautiful....especially down the road when the frustration is long forgotten. Thank you for sharing your photos, family, and your testimony!


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