Monday, June 5, 2017

Life in May

Autumn has always been my favorite season but Spring might be edging it out now that I live somewhere with so much green growing things. The blossoms are just amazing. I've always read flower names in books and now I can actually connect blossoms to them. Like this amazing azalea bush.

 Husband wanted to pull all of the "grass" from the flower beds but I didn't think it was grass and convinced him to wait. They ended up being tons of wildflowers called harebells.

Husband was gone on another trip and J suggested sushi for dinner. So we grabbed some to go and headed to the park where this amazing wisteria was blooming. We were a hot mess yet again with fights over using public bathrooms alone and throwing sand at toddlers and so many other little things that the pictures don't do justice. So let's just look and pretend it's a charmed life I live.

Then the iris started blooming a few days later and all was well with the world. God bless the person who planted all of these amazing plants. I love you.

Apparently this is what rhododendrons look like. They are the state flower, grow 20 feet tall and come in all different colors. Here's our pink one.

And our red one

Some poppies? hanging out next to a dead rhododendron bush.

My wedding flower, the lovely calla lily.

This tree framing my window has these gorgeous clusters of yellow flowers.

I wish I knew what kind of tree it is because the trunk is cracked and I know it's going to die. But it gives me this view out my window.

Then different shades of irises started blooming!

I love them all!

As a gift for my auntie, I wrote out her favorite quote and painted the flower that's on her wedding china. it ended up being waaaaay more work than I thought it should be. 

M wanted to wear a tie that matched his dad and my heart melted.

J found salamander spawn in the pond and impressed me by knowing it was a salamander by the fuzzy cheek parts. We caught one and put it in the specimen jar from the bug collecting kit she had picked out at the dollar store a week ago. I was kind of bummed when she dumped it back into the pond.

M's preschool had a mother's day tea with a little program. Man, these things are so adorable.

I went to my first pro soccer game with my friend Natalie. We met at the airport once and really connected. It's been a blast hanging out with her and I love out meet cute story.

We watched Penny for a week while Lil Sis went on a cruise. Girlfriend wakes up at 5am. It was hard.

M3 had an amazing time a Elia's bday party. They are my alpaca owning friends up the street and had a pool blown up with four beach balls. This baby's heaven.

I was asked to judge their lego competition. The submissions were extensive.

For memorial day Husband planned a fantastic trip on a ferry and we explored Kingston. It was so fun and LOVED not having to plan or think about a single thing. He did all the work scouting out places to eat and ferry times and stuff to do. The day was perfect weather for it too.

There were the biggest clam shells I've ever seen on a beach. Many of them had little barnacle looking things that M called sea animals. He wanted to put every single one of them back in the ocean so the animals could pop out. We tried explaining that the tides would come in and cover them but he was skeptical.


jeanene c said...

Your flowers are stunning! So glad the 'weeds' didn't get pulled. Thank you for the 'daily life' glimpses, and I am grateful for your good husband and that he made the arrangements for your ferry trip. I just love your family and you!

Lauren Opie said...

Man are you living the life or what! All looks so lovely.


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