Sunday, June 4, 2017

Take Your Kids to Work Day

This event was a lot of fun and had so much fun stuff to do! The kids loved the face painting and tattoos. 

They had cool screen printing stations set up where you could make your own shirts but we just grabbed the pre-made ones.

M loved the sweets station

They had a cool string art they were creating with the facebook logo. The science center had exhibits

I had no idea the photo sessions were legit studio style sessions or I would have tried coordinating outfits. M3 pooped out his onesie 5 minutes after arrival so it wouldn't have mattered that much anyways. I laughed because the facebook onesie packed as backup worked out great. Someone made the comment on M3's tongue sticking out so M had to stick his out in every shot.

Next time, face painting after the photo shoot.

I love this one of my sweet boy.

I love all of the family friendly events they put on. They do such a great job organizing and executing them too.

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