Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sister Weekend

For my birthday present and our official celebration of the 1 year anniversary of my 30th bday (Nothing like being 24hrs postpartum to ruin a birthday celebration), Lil Sis flew out Big Sis for an epic sister weekend.

Once upon a time Lil Sis found a show in Korean on her Netflix queue. It was pandora's box because it introduced us to the amazing, cheesy romantic wonderful that is Kdrama. Anyways, all of us have watched enough to have collected a series of common Kdrama tropes, such as the korean spas and karaoke box.

We ate at this delicious Korean restaurant and sat on the tradition side on the floor with low tables. The food was seriously delicious.

Then we hit up karaoke where everything was in Korean but they gave us an English version printout of what all the keys on the remote meant and made do.

It was amazing with a disco ball and tamborines

I bought this rice punch from the cooler out from.

Yep, totally gross.

Then we went to the Korean spa and it.was.amazing. They have all these fancy heated rooms with scientifically questionable properties. Like in one the walls were lined with charcoal, another pink Himalayan salt, another jade stones. One room had a bunch of heated sand under this fabric and it felt so good to walk on. You wear these robes remind me of the kind you can order in the weekly coupon packet that comes in the newpaper. And showercaps, just like the Kdramas. It was seriously SO cool, even if it looks totally sketch in this picture.

The next day were were going to go to Victoria but then balked at the $200 ferry ride. Instead we opted to go on a kayak tour near Lopez Island. But we sort of got side tracked in Anacortes at the waterfront festival. No regrets! We ate at a fun little cafe.

Took awesome pictures at the waterfront

I'm always a sucker for a farmers market and this one was perfect.

We decided Lopez Island was out but still wanted to explore a bit more so we road an itty bitty ferry to Guemes and walked the beach.

We looked at these interesting sticks and tried to figure out what they said. Then we walked on the other side of them and clearly saw the YMCA.

 We also stopped by the lululemon outlet on the way home and life felt complete. Big Sis also colored my hair and did a fantastic job.

The first day was also incredible because my sisters helped me build the alpaca den! They are fantastic and I love having besties that get me so well and can knock the crap out of home projects. It was such an amazing weekend and we've decided it is going to be a mandatory get together at least once a year.

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