Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Life in March

In no particular order,

I launched Bodyflow 75 with these ladies

We went to Facebook's Spring event and enjoyed the petting zoo, egg hunt, cooking decorating, flower crown making, and egg dyeing.

Magical surprise! Someone once planted daffodils around the tree in the backyard.

My kids call this the banana bush because the blossoms look like tiny bananas.

We went hiking with Lil' Sis

J won a basket at the school's Spring Fling. Well technically the winner's name fell off the basket so they just gave it to her at the end. It made her night.

M went to a fire station for a preschool fieldtrip. He loved it. The week before he said he wanted to firefighter on a school paper. I asked him about it and he wanted to have a gun that shoots out fires Not exactly correct unless you are reading a little dystopian fiction. He also insisted that he wear his firefighter jacket that day too.

I crocheted little outfits for the zoophonics creatures J brought home.

We celebrated Penny's birthday.

 I painted my bathroom a gutsy shade of teal. Imagine a really pretty gallery wall with pretty brass frames and bold black and white art. I'll get there eventually.

 This is the orange it used to be.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

J tried to trap M3 in a leprechaun trap :)

I had a great sister date and ate nutella filled hippos at World Market.

Brianne came up for a whirlwind visit so we hit up Pike's Place and visited facebook.

We had a St. Patty's party with our church playgroup.

Kissing the blarney stone is always a favorite game.

They liked searching for gold chocolate coins.

We installed a new light fixture. Husband found it on a facebook group and knew I would love it.

This Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that on Dr Seuss's birthday.

This kid snuck into the pantry and had no remorse with his contraband.

I learned how to spin yarn!

We had a dinner party and M brought a stool over for better access to the chips.

J celebrated the 100th day of school and made awesome crowns with 100 stickers.

The kids loved the hats we brought them back from San Fran. J wears hers almost every day.

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