Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tulip Festival

Skagit County Washington is apparently the tulip capital of the USA. As in is their website. Since the kids were on spring break we made it up to the tulip festival. It was about an hour drive and after a few minutes downtown trying to figure out where the driving route was, we drove around down the country road  a bit and saw this.

It made my audibly gasp. I didn't even crank the colors up when I edited them. there really are that bold.

They have a display garden at the Rosengarde farm. And since the main point of the excursion is to take fantastic pictures, everyone helps each other out.

Some attitudes can't be helped though.

J wanted to wear some of my new lipstick so I figured, why not?

There are just fields and fields of tulips, all in different states of blooming.

There was also SO much mud. I let the kids enjoy the puddles but then they wandered into a bog. M got his foot stuck and I tried to convince him to pull his boot up by the handles. He couldn't pull up on the handles and lift up his foot at the same time. While I wandered over he pulled his foot out of the boot and stuck his sock into the mud. Le sigh. Despite having a squirmy 25lb baby on my chest, I managed to help him get out of the mud. He was so freaked out by getting his hands muddy and being stuck and then he cried, "I have to go potty!" in the middle of it. Poor kid. Thankfully some kind souls sent their middle schoolers to help J out because I could only assist one kid at a time.

But look at these colors! So worth the mud fiasco and the equally comical portopotty experience.

We were still posing when our friendly photographer said, "You've got a wanderer." M had found something more interesting to look at than strangers holding our camera.

I can still make him laugh though.

This is when I officially gave up photographing the kids and stuck to stationary subjects.

J wanted to take some pictures herself so I let her have my phone.

She took this fun shot of me.

She really liked this picture she took as well.

M3 was happy almost the entire time, bless him.

It started to rain just as we were walking back and got chilly.

We thankfully there were some concession tents and a gift shop or two to wait out the wet. It was really a magical trip and so worth it.


jeanene c said...

These photos are stunning! What a gorgeous area! I love the mud story too! We need to come one time!

Katie said...

Wow. Just wow.

April B said...

Oh my gosh, these tulip fields look amazing!! Thanks for posting them, it brightened my day ;-)


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