Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Blaus Go to Washington

My grandma is 87 and had "ride a passenger train" on her bucket list. My cousin was having a reception up here and so it provided for the perfect opportunity to ride a train up the coast. My grandpa passed away three years ago and she was really looking forward to this trip because it was one experience that didn't bring up memories of traveling with him. They added a couple more of my aunties and uncles and cousins as well as my parents to the grand adventure.

We took them to Bob's pumpkin patch even though it was raining like crazy (they predicted a mega storm that never actually happened)

The hay ride was running though!

I took some fun family pics of Lil' Sis and her family.

The pumpkin patch had a nursing cabin! I laughed at the sign. I love how family friendly this town is.

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jeanene c said...

Your photos of Lena and co are just gorgeous, and I especially love the ones with my Mom! Thank you so very much for posting them all! It was such a fun trip!


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