Sunday, December 11, 2016

Life in October

I was at the grocery store and M said, "I want the corn pumpkin!" so I bought an overpriced gourd.

More piggies!

I crocheted some  requested mickey mouse booties for my friend who just had twins.

And what kind of post would it be without a sleeping M picture? Who needs to breathe when you can cover your face with a stinky blanket?

I decided to paint the cabinets in my kitchen because 1) I am crazy 2) I forgot how much work it REALLY is 3) I strongly disliked the look of the kitchen but hope to remodel it in a couple years. I lived in this chaos for two weeks.

The kids went on a leaf hunt so I had to make them all instagram-worthy.

This girl lived my childhood dream and found a geode in the backyard. I looked at so many rocks as a kid hoping to find one.

I considered ripping out the ugly terrible textured tile the day before I had a bunch of family coming into town, but Husband talked me out of it. So I painted it! I figured I'm going to rip it out anyways, I might as well have something sort of pretty until then. And who cares if it gets gross and chipped? I've been very happy with it.

I thought it was green day for school because it had been yellow the day before. Nope. got it wrong and she wore the dress for no reason. Oh well.

I found a new favorite apple, Pazzaz, and the local farm grew some the size of my hand.

George came home again with J and M3 tried to eat him.

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