Sunday, December 11, 2016

Halloween and the rest of October

My kid is old enough to have school pictures!

And to pick books from school library that look like Aunt Chris's dog Reece

I pulled a Maria Von Trapp and made a goldilocks costume out of curtains.

M and I went hiking in Duvall and loved the giant leaves.

It was very picturesque but the ducks were his favorite part.

I came out from my room to find M went on a applesauce bender.

J REALLY wanted to go to her school skate night so I left the baby at home with Husband and had a surprisingly fun time.

Apparently all skate rinks have the same weird carpet and lights and look just like Skateland did in my childhood.

They still play the chicken dance.

There were requests for roller skates for Christmas.

I had planned to be a snapchat filter for an adult Halloween party but M found the make up crayons early and gave himself a make over.

Then the other kids jumped in on the fun.

I ended up being a witch instead

We were Goldilocks and the 4 bears for Halloween

I helped out at J's Halloween party and they had a costume parade.

M fell asleep again, but started waking up before I could get the picture.


jeanene c said...

I am so impressed with your curtain conversion!l You all made such an adorable fairy tale family! And those leaves. We were walking through leaves here and laughing at how anemic they are in comparison. I'm going to have to get an explaination of the snap chat filter thing. Love you!

Katie said...

I can't believe those leaves!


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