Wednesday, June 1, 2016

So here's some of what happened in May

 I have still taught my spin and yoga classes every week and I had to laugh. From the front- normal

From the side, BOOM! Pregnant.  I think this was about 34 weeks.

J had her last ballet class of the session. Two years with Ms Stacey and I never knew how much I'd enjoy watching J dance.

I was using the bathroom and J told me through the door to hurry up because she had something to show me. "You're going to love this!" I really did love that she made a finger person with stickers.

We have reached the end of nap time. Which really means he passes out in strange places between 4:30 and 5pm. Cracks me up!

Cousin Ellie gave this girl her old bike and it fits much better. J loves to go fast down the hills of the retention basin.

My friend posted these cute science crochet guys on facebook so I made her some.

Friday is field trip day at our house so we went to Pump It Up with Jacob and Caleb. The kids spontaneously linked arms and I melted.

I finally paid someone to put the cap on the gosh darn little wall. I've been meaning to do it myself for the last three years and decided I'd rather just pay someone. Eventually there was going to be a fountain behind it, but we'll probably end up moving before that actually happens.

I just can't help it. He's so cute when he sleeps.

On his actual bday, he chose Unka Donald's for dinner.

Husband had a lot of travel arranged in May and there wasn't a good time to take M on his traditional birthday present outing solo so we went as a family. M picked this Hot Wheels track and adores it like only a 3 year old can.

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Marilyn said...

Your Easter dress looks so good on you! Love a good floral. Also, those giant origami bunnies are hilarious and amazing!!


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