Thursday, June 2, 2016

Easter 2016

So I apparently never took these pictures off of my real camera. Oops! Here are pictures of our Easter finest. We went over to Madre Dos's house where they set up an egg hunt for all the cousins.

M did not want to take pictures.

  He was interested in his basket of eggs though

Especially the dollar

I just bought Easter clothes this year instead of sewing them because #pregnant. The tie was $1 and was a youth size so I did a fancy pinterest knot I was quite proud of. Now he won't wear any ties but the yellow one with this suit.

And here was what Easter morning looked like. Husband is in charge of Easter baskets and it is awesome not to have to think about it.

I saw these giant origami bunnies and Big Sis hooked me up with some paper. I ended up making far too many of them and then used the left overs to make even more bunny families that we set out on the lawns of our friends. Folks were surprisingly delighted with them. My kids thought there were meh and actually liked the tiny ones better.

M LOVED his first action figure. This is why it's good to put Dads in charge because I would never have thought of getting a 2 year old an action figure. Dad win!

J loved her Monster High doll, another hit that Mom would never have bought.

 Happy Easter, three months late :)

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jeanene c said...

What great photos....of course the subjects are the best! Those rabbits are so cool!


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