Monday, June 6, 2016

M's 3rd Bday

Each night, if the room is clean, I'll lay down next to the kids and I ask about their day. I ask what was the highlight of the day, what was difficult, and how were you kind. J is so sweet and asks me the questions back. M doesn't quite understand and each time would talk about his cousin's superhero birthday party with the bouncy house. I came to the conclusion he thought I was asking the what was the best day of his life.

Husband and I decided to go ahead and spend the money on a bounce house because the kid was talking about the bounce house for 3 straight months. And I found a company with the Paw Patrol banner for it.

Needless to say, M's mind was blown to pieces with happiness. The guys setting it up even let him help and it was worth every penny. My mum was wonderful enough to make the paw cupcakes I pinned.

She also made a small cake for the Bday boy with his favorite character Marshall and dropped it off the night before. And I'll tell you, that little boy was DYING to play with it and mustered all the self-control he had in that little body to not touch it. When I said it was cake time, he was ready!



And finally! He can take off the toy!

We also had hot dogs and all the treats he picked at Sams Club, Doritos aka "fire chips" and popcorn are his favorites.

Firehouse Subs was also wonderful enough to give me 20 of their fire hats that I used instead of treat bags. The kid working there was also a former student of my sister and had a bit of an existential breakdown seeing someone who looked just like her, but wasn't.

I drew a Marshall in record time for a pin the tail on the donkey game. I'm still a little proud of it so it's currently hanging up in his room

His friend Rex stayed close the whole time and since Rex is 4, M just thinks he's the coolest kid ever.

I love the way M says presents, with his eyebrows in the air, hands clasped, and teeth showing. It's his favorite part of every bday party, even other kids' parties. And now he got his OWN PRESENTS?! He was thrilled.

Thanks to everyone who came and spoiled this wonderful big 3 year old of ours. We love him to bits and are so happy to have him in our family.


Katie said...

GREAT looking party! I want to come to the next one!

jeanene c said...

He is such a fun young man! We love him too!

jeanene c said...

PS That is a fantastic drawing you did!

benilhalk said...

This 3rd birthday party looks adorable! Truly impressed to see these pictures. My niece’s 3rd birthday is coming up and will love to host such a fun party for her at best lofty spaces in LA. Thanks for the inspiration!

Erin said...

I love that he got his bouncy house! You excel at the party thing!


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