Monday, May 16, 2016


For Christmas I got a groupon for a glassblowing class for my parents. We finally scheduled it and had a great time. They do most of the work for you but it still fun and the flowers turned out beautiful.

 I kept wanting to move the torch around like you do when soldering metals for jewelry, but you actually want to hold it still so it can get hot and melt the rough edges. Old habits die hard.

Husband was a pro

Mum had fun too.

 You have to wear these awesome sunglasses to look in the kiln.

Pops made them laugh because he wanted to make the petals perfectly symmetrical.

 We went to Welcome Chicken and Donuts after because it is delicious and my dad can appreciate an excellent donut, although this place is more about the interesting donuts like honeycomb and lavendar than a classic fritter.

It was a really fun adventure and I highly recommend Circle 6 studios if you ever get the chance.


jeanene c said...

What a great gift! Thanks so much!

Lianna said...

How fun is that!!


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