Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zion Canyon

We were able to sneak off to Utah to camp and hike with some of our friends. It was so nice to have a couple days away from the kiddos. We hiked the West Rim trail for 17 miles.

We might have taken an hour to find the trail head, but what is a little delay with good friends for company? One of the roads was closed because of flooding. The rainstorms were so intense, someone died hiking the Narrows three days before. We thought West Rim was safer.

We love the Coopers.

These dead trees made their own arches.

Giant mushrooms!

We found where the red ferns grow.

Someone carved Rachel's name in the dirt.

This is a our Dasani product placement.

This is at the top of Angel's Landing. I don't think I wish to do that hike again.


jeanene c said...

I Know I Never want to hike that trail, but the photos are fabulous! Thank you for sharing them.

Katie said...

Pretty! Good for you!


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