Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Smithsonian Museum Day

Once a year Smithsonian Magazine will give out two tickets to your choice of participating museums. We headed to our favorite downtown Mesa dinosaur museum. My brother was up with his kids so he met us there.

 We thought it was funny that the typewriter was in the ancient technology section along with a phone booth

Little Alaina is getting so big at 6 months old

Attack of M!!!!

 M had fun with his Uncle T.

 J liked finding fossils

M just enjoyed the little broom.

We actually found some little bits of fools' gold to take home.

M thought the rope was just to prevent the adults from swimming.

He also felt it was his mission to knock down everyone else's towers.

A picture of the whole family on our adventure!

This was his idea, not mine.

Oh Magnatiles! I wish you weren't a $100. I might end up buying them anyways.

We are so happy we had the chance to meet up with our Sahuarita family! 


jeanene c said...

Thank you for all these photos. I love seeing all my sweet babies! Looks like such fun! Soon!

Daniel Quillen said...

Love the ancient typewriter. The pictures were great, Geneva -- thanks for posting them.


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