Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrate Mesa 2014

J and I went on a mommy-daughter date because M isn't good at waiting in lines. I decided to go nice and early this year because riding a hot air balloon is on my bucket list. $2 a ride is a pretty sweet deal too. We were #5 in line and it was perfect.

Until they said kids had to be at least five.

I know I could have lied, but I have a very delicate conscience for these sorts of things. And I have a three year old who is very good about telling everyone she meets she is almost 4. Maybe next year we can ride "the cowboy balloon."

J of course took the whole thing in stride and it didn't make her sad at all. Thankfully, there was a Ferris wheel with no restrictions. We drove past a school carnival and she pointed out the Ferris wheel and surprised me by knowing the name and what it was (some cartoon introduction I'm sure). We went ahead and went to the carnival because she was so excited to ride it, only to find she was too short. Same thing at the state fair last year with TWO different Ferris wheels. Needless to say, it was a very exciting thing for her to finally have her first ride.

I think it went up as high as the hot air balloon did.

She wasn't scared one bit. I did that thing that drove me nuts as a kid when my mom did it. Your mom probably did it too. I threw my arm across J every time I felt a jolt of nerves. I was never scared of things until my mom randomly grabbed my arm and startled me. I stopped doing to J after about three times, but still, Hello motherhood!

She went down this giant slide like a champ.

She stayed on longer than I thought when she rode the mechanical cow.

 We took awkward selfie in front of Cars

And what did she want to do the most? Go back to the booth and finish  coloring her paper mask. Something we could easily do at home. 



jeanene c said...

Such fun! Those Ferris wheels ...why do we like scary things? Lise probably still remembers our ride together once and my caution that she couldn't tell the sibs because they would be jealous. I don't think she ever mentioned it to them. Memorable ! The older I get, the more understanding I am of my mother too. So glad you got a mommy daughter date!

Katie said...

I want to come next time!


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